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Coffee House Jazz by Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

The articles related to the topic of this post are sponsored by Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein. And we have dedicated ourselves to researching information in order to raise the hypothesis that Working with music brings benefits for learning. You can view related information here.

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imagen grupo de jazz y blues ilustrativo Ivan Rodriguez Gelfenstein

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Mas de 1 Hora de jazz suave para ambiente relajado


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Music improves work enviroments

Currently, companies are implementing musical environments for their employees. And it is not only now, this custom has been going on for many years, but with technological advances, it has increased considerably.

Normally, you can think that the benefits have to do with improving production or processes, what very few knows is that it is mainly oriented towards the positive performance of workers.

Music not only works for partying or going in a car, but music is beneficial for work or activities that require concentration and a positive sense of behavior.

Silence works for some people, but statistics have been made that indicate that productivity improves when the group of employees listens to music. Of course, there is a value factor in the influence of music. For example, in a supermarket, there must be cheerful music rather than relaxed. In the case of a beauty spa or relaxation treatment, it is necessary more relaxed melodies.

Here’s a list of some of the positive impacts’ music has on work:

  • Improves Productivity.
  • Improves Concentration.
  • Increase imagination.
  • Improves Motivation.
  • Help the Mood.
  • Helps with Retain Information.

For these reasons, there are services with a list of songs or playlists for specific places every time.

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